1st time in the MF Industry Reliance MF launches Video Chat facility

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Jun 6, 2015 by Reliance Mutual Fund | Mutual Fund | 0 Downloaded

Reliance Mutual Fund, has launched a new video chat service, allowing distributors to connect face to face from its Business Easy Mobile App and website. This will be first time ever that Mutual Fund distributors will be able to use this advanced service feature. Video Chat, would not only be the 1st in the Mutual Fund Industry , but even globally, very few companies offer such service proposition.

Why Video Chat?

The mutual fund business in India is highly dynamic and there is demand for accurate and timely information. Recognizing the power of real time and interactive nature of video chat, which will enable build stronger relationships with distributors, we at Reliance Mutual Fund have, once again, pioneered an innovation. We see a lot of value in face-to-face interactions using the video chat platform and its availability on mobile and website will make the user experience, far more enriched.

The facility, we believe, will bring an element of personalization in the engagement resulting in higher user satisfaction. Further, businesses that communicate through video share knowledge faster and help users being more informed.

How can one start using Video Chat?

In the first phase, we propose to introduce the facility only for our distributors. Video Chat feature is enabled on our Business Easy Mobile App (Android) and website (www.rmfpartners.com) for our partners. Our 10,000 partners are already connected to us via this App and 15,000 website users can instantly activate and use this feature under Reach Us section on Mobile and home page of website.

Upon starting Video/ Web chat option on website distributors will be asked to enter ARN Code, email and mobile number. While for mobile app users all these details are pre-populated before chat can be initiated.

On submitting these details, distributor will receive an OTP (One Time Password) on mentioned mobile number. This OTP has to be entered on the Video chat window (for website check for pop-up block alert) for verification purpose. Users can start the Video Chat call instantly with our customer service executive or join a pre-scheduled call.

The video customer service agents are empowered with all necessary tools to service user queries. Video chat facility will be available on weekdays Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 9 pm.

Distributors can video chat with Fund Managers, Product Managers for Market Views and Updates

Distributors can connect with our Video Chat executives and log a request for Video Chat session with Fund Management, Product teams and others to interact face to face on diverse topics. Request of Video Chat with respective team will be arranged and intimated to distributors via SMS. On the scheduled date, distributor will receive a reminder 15 mins prior to schedule time of Video Chat. Distributor can then log in and select pre-scheduled option to connect and start face to face conversation with request team.

What are capabilities and features of Video Chat facility?

Distributors can, at their convenience, initiate a video chat from our Business Easy mobile application (Android) or Business Easy website (www.reliancemutual.com) and get connected to our customer service agents. Some of the key features that facilitate quick resolution of requests and queries include

  • Document sharing options

  • Screen sharing for live demonstrations

  • Text chat window for additional interaction

  • Taking distributors request to schedule a video call with Product, Fund Management, Support teams

  • Reminder SMS prior to the scheduled call- 15 minutes prior to the scheduled call.

What is the reason for extending Video Chat on Mobile App, parallel with website?

Mobile is one’s primary and often, the only device to engage, both socially and professionally. India is the second largest smart phone market globally. With a user base of 140 million, it is expected to touch 650 million in the next four years, according to a recent study by Cisco, the networking solutions giant. With the growing trend of low-cost smart phones will also bring critical mass to the sector and further fuel user growth and data traffic in India. In addition, the advent of 4G at 3G costs, the launch of Google+ and the introduction of video chat functionality on Facebook imply that these virtual means of communication are quickly gaining ground and will serve as an excellent alternative to one-on-one meetings, that too at a much lower cost.

Video chat facility requires internet connectivity preferably broadband with at least 512 kbps or 3G on mobile. Video chat is released for device supporting Android version 4.4.2 and above. For web based video chat, it is important to have latest browsers and Front facing web cam, microphone for desktop/laptop for a seamless experience