Axis AMC's unique bouquet of WhatsApp services offers 27 key facilities

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Aug 22, 2022 by Axis Mutual Fund | Mutual Fund | 0 Downloaded

Mumbai, Aug 22, 2022: Axis Asset Management (Axis AMC) has extended its wide range of WhatsApp services to enable investors access to 27 key facilities. From completing entire transactions online (except for Lumpsum investments in which case the investor needs to login on the website) to availing additional services like raising a query and tracking it, investors can take advantage of a plethora of services on their fingertips without needing to visit the branch office. Existing Investors have to simply send a ‘Hi’ from their registered mobile number to ‘7506771113’ toavail all the services.

Axis AMC had introduced ‘WhatsApp services’ to its investors in April 2020 with 6 features. Over the course of time, the fund house has launched newer facilitieslike SIP Registration, Redemption and Switch Transactions, etc. and investors also have the option to communicate in vernacular languages like Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati. Axis AMC’s ‘Connect with US’ is a Live Chat feature wherein investors can speak to relationship managers directly between working hours (9AM to 6PM) except for Sundays and Holidays.

Some of the Salient Features include:

  1. NAV: Investor can check the latest NAV for all schemes of Axis Mutual Fund

  2. Valuation: Investors can check the valuation of their folio

  3. Statement: Under the statement option, investors can access their Account as well as Capital gain/loss statement. An email is triggered to the registered email id. The download option provides the statement directly on WhatsApp itself

  4. Transaction Status: Investors can track the status of their Purchase, Redemption, SIP Registration, SIP Cancellation, NCT on the basis of the mobile and folio number provided

  5. Initiate Transaction: Investors can initiate the transaction for Lumpsum (which directs the user to the website) or register for SIP. They can also redeem, switch, cancel or pause the SIP via WhatsApp

Commenting on the initiatives, Chandresh Nigam, MD & CEO, Axis AMC said, “We wanted to provide an unforgettable experience to investors by ensuring that the frequently used and most relevant services are available on the go. WhatsApp (as a medium of communication) has demonstrated its prowess in being able to connect with the last mile consumer in a mannerism that is familiar and comforting to him/her. We also have implemented NPS (Net Promoter Score) to capture the investor’s feedback; ultimately helping us improve investor experience.”

Investors can also gain access to Non-Commercial Transactional services like Mobile Updates, Email Updates, FATCA Updates easily. Additionally, they can check their KYC status and download all key information online. The QRC Status feature allows investors to understand the status of the last five queries they raised via WhatsApp.

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