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The last 6 months have been extraordinarily difficult for many people due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people have lost their lives and many had to suffer the illness caused by Coronavirus. We had to go through a stringent lockdown and there are continuing restrictions on some activities. With volatility in equity market and near term outlook remaining uncertain, risk-taking capacities have changed drastically over the course of the last six months. Investors are likely to be nervous about committing lump sum to mutual fund investments. In such a situation SIPs are an ideal solution to grow investor’s hard earned money.

SIPs for long term financial goals

Even though there is uncertainty about the near term, long term aspirations and financial goals of investors remain the same. Stage of life financial goals like children’s higher education, retirement planning, wealth creation and leaving an estate for loved ones remain important priorities, irrespective of the situation we may find ourselves in. Planning and disciplined investing through SIPs is of utmost importance in achieving long term financial goals. Systematic investing will be required for investors to pursue aspirations like becoming an entrepreneur, pursue a career in performing arts (music, drama etc), literature, photography etc. You need a financial plan, in order to achieve your aspirations and take care of your family at the same time.

Why SIPs?

The benefits of SIP are well known: -

  • Investors can achieve their financial goals by investing in a disciplined and systematic way in mutual funds from their regular savings

  • Investors can create wealth over long investment horizons through the power of compounding

  • Investors do not need to time the market and can take advantage of volatility through Rupee Cost Averaging

Axis MF – Shuruaat SIP Se

Axis Mutual Fund has launched new investor awareness digital campaign called “Shuruaat SIP se” with the aim to educate investors about the importance of SIPs to meet the intended financial objective. The current pandemic has taught us about the importance of disciplined investing. The campaign aims to make investors realise that at any given point in their lives, a secure investment portfolio will be of paramount prominence. The digital campaign aims to bring home the point that whether we are aiming to start our career as a musician, or venturing into our own businesses, or even starting on the journey to create our own wealth, a systematic and disciplined form of investing is a must.

Mr. Chandresh Kumar Nigam, MD & CEO, Axis AMC said, “The journey to every new goal begins with taking the first step in the right direction. Similarly, for financial wellness, you need one step towards responsible investing—and it need not be a big step. It can be a tiny step, one that you are comfortable with. The important thing is to start, stay focused, and adopt a disciplined and systematic approach. Through the “Shuruaat SIP se” campaign, we are hoping that investors understand the importance of starting the investment journey with a SIP.”

You can watch the AXIS MF video campaign here - The video is short but its message is simple yet powerful and will resonate with both investors and distributors who want to reach out to their customers with SIP propositions. The campaign is not just meant for existing MF investors but will also appeal to new investors. From demographic standpoint, the campaign will appeal to millennial and younger investors; at the same time, it is also relevant for investors who are in other stages of their lives.

Why should distributors focus more on SIPs in the current environment?

  • In the current environment of uncertainty, many investors may not be ready to commit large sums of money in lump sum investments. It will easier for you to get your customers to invest through the SIP route

  • While the market seems to be in recovery mode, it is still substantially lower than all-time highs. SIPs made during recovery phase of the market tend to be retained (stickier AUM)much longer than SIPs made in bull markets

  • Through SIP Top – Up facility, you can grow your incremental income over time and also help your customers create more wealth


In these uncertain times, SIPs are ideal investment solutions for protecting and growing investors hard earned money. Axis Mutual Fund’s digital investor education campaign, “Shuruaat SIP se” drives home the importance of SIP for achieving financial goals.

Shuruaat SIP Se is an investor education and awareness initiative by Axis Mutual Fund. Investors have to complete one-time KYC process. Visit or contact us on for more information. Investors should deal only with Registered MFs, details of which are available on - Intermediaries/Market Infrastructure Institutions section

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