Groww Asset Management Ltd ('AMC') appoints Mr. Manish Ranjan as the Head of Sales & Distribution

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Mr. Manish Ranjan as the Head of Sales & Distribution

Read the press note by Groww Asset Management Ltd (‘AMC’)

Bengaluru, March 1, 2024 - Groww Asset Management Ltd (‘AMC’) is excited to announce the appointment of Manish Ranjan as the Head of Sales & Distribution, marking a significant advancement in the company's strategic expansion endeavors.

Manish Ranjan is a seasoned professional with two decades of experience in the mutual fund industry. He holds a Master's degree in Management from Mumbai University.

Manish embarked on his career journey with Nippon Mutual Fund in 2004 as a Management Trainee in Kolkata. His dedication and expertise propelled him up the organizational ladder, culminating in his recent stint as the Zonal Business Head and IFA Segment Head for Nippon Mutual Fund.

A pivotal focus for Manish will be to prioritize the establishment of a robust on-ground team to engage and connect with distribution partners across various channels, including Mutual Fund Distributors (MFDs), banks, national distributors, and other relevant partners.

As a tech-centered AMC with a strong commitment to empowering distribution partners, Groww Mutual Fund has proactively developed technology-driven initiatives tailored to support the growth of MFDs.

One notable innovation is the introduction of a smart business management platform designed specifically for MFDs. This platform enables them to efficiently monitor client portfolios and commission details for investments in Groww Mutual Fund. Moreover, MFDs can seamlessly share unique investment links and co-branded collaterals during NFO periods via WhatsApp, enhancing client engagement and simplifying transactions.

Aligned with its dedication to leveraging technology, Groww Mutual Fund has also launched a WhatsApp chat-bot. This chat-bot serves as a convenient resource for MFDs, providing quick access to marketing collaterals, daily news, scheme-specific materials, commission structures, and more, all accessible on the go.

In his new role as Head of Sales & Distribution, Manish Ranjan will also spearhead many such tech-based initiatives and implement various business development and training programs for MFDs and distribution partners. These efforts aim to enable partners to effectively enhance their digital capabilities and seize significant business opportunities.

Varun Gupta, CEO of Groww Asset Management Limited, commented on Manish's appointment, stating, "Manish's extensive experience and strategic vision make him the ideal candidate to lead our sales and distribution efforts. His appointment reaffirms our commitment to supporting our distribution partners in their growth endeavors and strengthening our partnerships in the industry.”

Manish Ranjan's appointment underscores AMC enduring commitment to empowering its distribution partners for Schemes of Groww Mutual Fund. With his guidance, AMC aspires to solidify position of Groww Mutual Fund in the financial services industry through the establishment of a nationwide distribution network and become the most partner centric AMC in the country.

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