UTI Fixed Income Interval Fund Announces Dividend

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Jun 16, 2016 by UTI Mutual Fund | Mutual Fund | 6 Downloaded

UTI Fixed Income Interval Fund - Quartly Interval Plan - I

UTI Fixed Income Interval Fund

UTI Fixed Income Interval Fund - Half Yarly Interval Plan - II

UTI Fixed Income Interval Fund

*Distribution of above dividend are subject to the availability of distributable surplus as on record date. Dividend payment to the investor will be lower to the extent of Dividend Distribution Tax.

Such of the unitholders under the dividend option whose names appear in the register of unitholders as at the close of business hours on the record date fixed for each dividend distribution shall be entitled to receive the dividend so distributed. The reinvestment, if any, shall be treated as constructive payment of dividend to the unitholders as also constructive receipt of payment of the amount by the unit holders. No load will be charged on units alloted on reinvestment of dividend.

The Specified Transaction Period will be Monday June 20, 2016 & Tuesday June 21, 2016(Both the days inclusive)

Subscription for purchase of units/redemption of units/switch in/out under Retail Option will be accepted only during the Specified Transaction Period. The applicable price for purchase/redemption of units will be based on ex-dividend NAV in case of dividend declaration during the Specified Transaction Period. As the units will be issued on ex-dividend basis, the unitholders for the units so issued will not be eligible for the past dividend.

( Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.)

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