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Am I doing well with my finances or do I need to reshuffle my portfolio

I am 27 years old investing in following MFs every month through SIP. Total investment per month is 18K. 1) Axis Long Term Equity - 7000, 2) Reliance Tax Saver - 2000, 3) SBI Bluechip Fund(G) - 3000, 4) HFDC Balanced Fund(G) - 3000, 5) Birla SL Dynamic Bond Fund - Retail(G) - 3000. From July onward, I am planning to increase my SIP amount in Reliance Tax Saver by 1K, HDFC Balanced by 2K and SBI Bluechip by 2K. So, the total investment per month will be 23K. I do not have any dedicated goal as such. I am interested in wealth creation over a period of 7-10 years. To deal with short term emergencies I have started maintaining an emergency fund from MAY month onward in which I will contribute roughly 15K per month. I also invest a lumpsum amount in PPF once or twice a year. Am I going well or do I need to shuffle my investments. I will be grateful if you can suggest me on this?

May 9, 2016 by Abhishek Agrawal, Mumbai  |   Mutual Fund

Thanks for writing to us. Here is the point by point reply to your queries –

1. Our heartiest congratulations to you for choosing SIPs for your long term wealth creation. The fund chosen by you are all good performers (you can check them here https://www.advisorkhoj.com/mutual-funds-research/top-performing-systematic-investment-plan). Out of the total monthly SIP of Rs. 23,000. You are investing Rs. 3,000 in Dynamic Bond Fund and 4,000 in Equity Oriented balanced Funds and rest in Equity Mutual Funds. Considering this combination and assuming that you will continue these for 10 years, we can expect an average return of 12.50% from your SIPs. Accordingly, you can expect a final corpus of Rs. 55.00 Lacs by investing Rs. 27.60 Lacs over 10 years. This is just an assumption and the final rate of return could even be more – For example if the return increases by 1% your corpus will increase by another 3.50% and so on.

2. You are only 27 years old, that is why probably you are not aware about your long term goals. You have mentioned you want to invest for wealth creation, that itself is a goal! However, if you want to plan your finances well and want to know and plan for your long term financial goals, it is ideal to take help of a financial planner.

3. By investing 15,000 per month in an emergency fund, you are doing the right thing. Hope you are investing in Liquid funds. Please check the returns here https://goo.gl/TQsgBF. As you will notice liquid funds give superior returns than savings bank interest, therefore, it is the best option to park your surplus or emergency corpus.

4. By investing a small amount in PPF you are doing the right thing. Having a part of your investments in assured interest and debt is always a good idea.

Overall, your strategy is good and you have started well. We will only add that you should review your investments once every year and check if they are aligned with your investment objectives.

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