Can you please show the calculation method for selecting top consistent performing funds

I wanted to know about your calculation or method for top Consistence Funds you have shown, if possible send me your details calculation sheet for any one category like mid cap funds. Because I short listed some of funds by rolling returns calculation but those are different from your top consistence list so kindly share your calculation or method to me?

Jul 30, 2019 by Abhishek Shah, Surat  |   Mutual Fund

Thanks for writing to us. Kindly note that the methodology for selecting the 'most consistent funds' is provided at the footer of the result.

Please check this url and read the following which is mentioned just below the result -

"Most consistent funds have been chosen based on average rolling returns and consistency with which funds have beaten category average returns. We have ranked schemes based on these two parameters using our proprietary algorithm and are showing the most consistent schemes for each category. Note that we have ranked schemes which have performance track records of at least 5 years (consistency cannot be measured unless a scheme has sufficiently long track record covering multiple market cycles e.g. bull market, bear market, sideways market etc). Also note that, schemes whose AUMs have not yet reached Rs 500 crores have been excluded from ranking".

The methodology is same for all category of funds including the mid cap category. You can see here the result of most consistent performing funds in the mid cap category

Hope you find the above helpful.

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