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Am I investing in best mutual funds to meet my future goals

I have some doubts about mutual fund. So that I am sending my portfolio to you. I need your suggestion. I have following SIP(s) running on (started on Jan-2018). I have investment horizon 20 years - 1. Mirae Asset India Equity - Rs. 7000, 2. DSP BlackRock Opportunities + Tata equity P/E fund + Motilal Oswal Multicap 35 = (7000*3) = Rs. 21000, 3. Principal Emerging Bluechip + L&T Mid cap = (7000*2) = Rs. 14000, 4. Reliance Small Cap + ABSL Pure Value fund = (6000+7000) = Rs. 13000. I want to build this corpous for my kids education, higher education and for my retirement. GOAL (I have considered inflation also) - 1. 1st Kid Graduation = 40L, 2. 1st Kid Post graduation = 75L, 3. 2nd Kid Graduation = 60L, 4. 2nd Kid post Graduation = 1Cr, 5. Retirement Corpous = 6Crs, NB: 1st Kid age is 1 yr, (2nd Kid I will plan after 2 - 3 yrs). I have a short term goal 5 - 6 years. I want to buy a house for this down payment below fund - 1. HDFC Balanced fund = Rs. 10000, Kindly let me know if I have to change any schemes and shall I achieve the goal with this investment?

May 14, 2018 by Dibyendu Rakshit,   |   Mutual Fund

You are investing in good mutual fund schemes from the mid cap, diversified and small cap category. The portfolio is quite aggressive and suitable for those with high risk and having a long term investment horizon.

HDFC Balanced Fund is a good choice for 5-6 years investment horizon.

You have discussed about your future goals and the amounts required in meeting each one of them. However, you have not mentioned the years in which you will need the respective amounts. Therefore, I am not able to help you on this.

If you revert with complete details, I may help you!

Wishing you the very best ! Thanks !!

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