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As a beginner am I investing in the right funds

I am a beginner in investing and I was planning to invest in SIP (around 4000 pm) through Aditya Birla my universe. After analyzing my risk profile, they suggested the following funds: Franklin India Bluechip Fund, Kotak Select Focus Fund, Canara Robeco Emerging Equities Fund, UTI Mid Cap Fund Are these good funds to invest? My investment period will be 15+ years. And will these investments help in tax saving? Please advice?

Mar 28, 2017 by Karol, Chennai  |   Mutual Fund

Aditya Birla My Universe has selected good funds for you and you may invest in them for your long term investment needs.

However, these are open ended funds from large cap and diversified equity funds category and by investing in these funds you will not be able to save any taxes. To save taxes you should invest in ELSS Funds.

You can check the top performing ELSS funds from here https://www.advisorkhoj.com/mutual-funds... and buy the same from Aditya Birla My Universe. Please note that you can invest upto Rs 150,000 per annum in ELSS funds in order to avail tax rebate.

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