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As the markets are up in which fund should I invest 300000 of my bank FD maturity

Presently I am invested in Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund - 10000, Franklin India Prima Plus Fund - 4000, UTI Equity Fund - 2000, Axis Long Term Equity - 2000, through monthly SIP route. In August 2016 I am getting 300000 as FD maturity sum. I like to invest entire amount in mutual funds. As market looks on higher side now, please suggest me a few funds in which I may invest the amount wisely?

Aug 8, 2016 by Bapi Roy, Kolkata  |   Mutual Fund

You have selected good funds for your SIPs and you should continue with the same for the long term for your wealth creation needs

With regards to investment of your FD maturity amount which you are getting this month, you can invest the same in a mutual fund suitable to your risk profile. As we do not know how much risk you can take with your investments and also the investment horizon, we are unable to suggest any particular fund category.

But broadly speaking, if your investment horizon is 1-3 years then you can invest in debt funds. Please check Top Performing Income Funds

Similarly, if your investment horizon is above 3 years and upto 5 years or more then you may invest in the following equity mutual fund categories based on your risk taking appetite –

Moderate to Moderately high risk – You can invest in Balanced funds or large cap funds. Check top performing balanced funds and Top performing large cap funds

If you can take high risk then Diversified equity funds is suitable for you. Please check top performing diversified equity funds

Similarly, if you can take very high risk then you can invest in mid and small cap funds or thematic funds. Please check top performing mid and small funds and Top performing thematic funds

Regarding the markets, we do not think it is at a very high level. In fact, it is around 10% lesser than that of the previous high it touched. India is actually in a long bull run phase and it will continue for some more times to come if the economic reform process of the current Government continues for some more years. With passage of GST bill and other legislations, we think, the long term India growth story is intact.

However, we at Advisorkhoj feel that, more than the markets, it is important that the investors follow an asset allocation approach for their investments and also choose different asset classes based on their risk taking ability.

Hope the above helps! Let us know how else we can help you?

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