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Can you please advise about this NFO OWN PIECE OF INDIA 5+1 scheme by TATA Mutual fund

OWN PIECE OF INDIA 5+1 scheme by TATA Mutual fund. Can you please advise about this NFO?

Dec 7, 2015 by Sandeep, Mumbai  |   Mutual Fund

We do not give specific investment advice in Advisorkhoj. However, we will discuss the broad characteristics of Tata Mutual Fund’s "OWN PIECE OF INDIA" offering so that you make your own investment decision in consultation with your financial advisor. "OWN PIECE OF INDIA" 5+1 scheme is actually a suite of 5 NFOs and 1 existing open ended scheme. The new family of schemes include Tata Banking and Financial Services Fund, Tata India Consumer Fund, Tata Digital India Fund, Tata India Pharma & Healthcare Fund, Tata Resources & Energy Fund and the existing scheme is Tata Infrastructure Fund. As is evident from the scheme names each of the 6 schemes are thematic in nature and by investing in this offering the investor can participate in the India Growth story, since each of these themes have the potential a play a role in the economic growth of India. "OWN PIECE OF INDIA"is a simple and smart way for investors to take customized preferences in equity by combining exposure to different segments with the convenience of 'One Application – One Cheque'. Please note the minimum application amount for each scheme is Rs 5000. To know more about the NFO, please refer to our report Tata Mutual Fund announces Five New Fund Offerings and 1 current Scheme under Own a Piece of India Theme.

As an investor, you should ask yourself, can the combined objectives of the "OWN PIECE OF INDIA" 5+1 scheme be achieved by investing in a good diversified equity fund. After all, almost all good diversified equity funds have exposure to these themes. In a diversified equity fund the fund manager makes the decision of allocating investments to different, but in this product offering the investor has the flexibility to determine their sector allocations. If you are a savvy investor you can possibly get superior returns by timing your exit from different schemes, because out of these schemes some will outperform relative to the others within the family of these 6 schemes, at different points of time. As suggested earlier, you should consult with your financial advisor and take a decision that will meet your investment objectives.

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