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Can you please advise me if my investment planning is correct

First of all, you are doing great job by giving the details about investment. I have gone through many Blogs & websites but no one review the person's investment, without Money and providing the suggestion. All your articles excellent. Can you please review my investment and share your feedback. Age: 30, Monthly salary: 50000, Monthly Expenses: 20000. Current Investment: SBI Bluechip Fund - 1500 (Last 6 months, I will continue more than 5 years), Tata Balanced Fund - 2000 (Last 15 months, I will continue more than 5 years), Reliance Tax Saver Direct Plan - 25000 (SIP for One Year currently Stopped), HDFC Top 200 Direct Growth - 22000 (One time Investment Keeping last one year), HDFC Medium Term Opportunities Fund - 50000 (Lumpsum from last one month), Birla Sun Life Retail Plan Growth - 25000 (Lumpsum from last one month). Planning to investment 3 Lakhs Post office Monthly saving scheme, also reinvest the post office interest amount in some mutual funds. This is for next 5 to 6 years. I would like to know if this is the correct way. If not please suggest some fund to park the money?

Sep 6, 2016 by Venkatesh, Chennai  |   Financial Planning

Thanks for the kind words and the appreciation. We at Advisorkhoj, are committed to help the investment advisory eco system and thus it is our endeavour to answer each and every query raised by investors and advisors with utmost care and unbiased way.

1. Mutual fund schemes selected by you are all fine. You should continue mutual fund SIPs as long as you can in order to create wealth over the long term. However, please provide the full name for Birla SL Retail plan Growth as it does not seem to be the full name.

2. You have invested in Reliance Tax Saver fund and then closed the SIP. Please note that Reliance Tax Saver is one of the best performing ELSS Funds and we do not know the reason for closure of the same.

3. Just wanted to check, if you are saving 150,000 per annum for tax rebate under section 80C of the income Tax Act 1961? If not, then you must do so. Please check the top performing ELSS funds from here. Please go through the following article which I am sure will help immensely https://www.advisorkhoj.com/company... and https://www.advisorkhoj.com/articles...

4. Since you are young and only 30, saving in Post Office Monthly Saving is not a good idea. At this age you should invest in equity mutual funds and plan your investments to achieve your long term goals. Investing in PO MIS will barely beat the inflation and no real return will come. However, if you feel that investing in equity mutual fund is risky and you do not want to take much risk, then you can invest in debt funds, MIPs or balanced funds for next 5 -6 years. Please check the returns of these funds from here –

Top performing debt funds

Top performing MIP funds

Top performing balanced funds

Please also read the following to understand why you should invest in mutual funds from an early age?



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