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Can you please check if my SIP selection for long term investments is good or not

From Last few days I am a Fan of your posts & Advisorkhoj.com. It helped me in the faith of my long term Equity Investment and for decision of my long term SIP portfolio, I recommended this website to my friends also. I have short listed my 80% SIP portfolio, please help me for deciding the selection of 1 Diversified MF from the selected 2. My short listed Portfolio is: 1. DSP BLACKROCK MICROCAP - 1500Rs (Pure smallcap), 2. SBI MAGNUM MIDCAP - 1500Rs (Midcap), 3. MIRAE ASSET EMERG BLUE 2000Rs (Diversified Midcap), 4. FRANKLIN PRIMA PLUS - 1500Rs (Diversified), 5. FRANKLIN HIGH GROWTH Or BIRLA SUN LIFE ADVANTAGE FUND - 1500Rs (Diversified). Please help me for selection of 1 fund from FRANKLIN HIGH GROWTH And BIRLA SUN LIFE ADVANTAGE? But after reading your this post "How to effectively decode a mutual fund fact sheet Part 1 Equity Funds" I am "little" in a favour of BIRLA SL ADVANCED FUND as In the post you have told that For a diversified equity portfolio, the top 10 stock holdings should not be more 40 - 45% of the portfolio value. But now the total of top 10 stocks holdings of Franklin High Growth Co. is gone to nearly about 60%? Please help?

Aug 20, 2016 by Pradip Munde,   |   Mutual Fund

Really appreciate and thankful for the kind words. Glad that you are recommending Advisorkhoj website to your friends. You may ask them to subscribe to our newsletter.

The funds shortlisted for your SIPs are all good.

With regards to your selection between Franklin India High Growth Companies Fund (FIHGCF) and Birla Sun life Advantage Fund (BSLAF), the long term rolling return charts suggest investing in FIHGCF. You may see the results here – Rolling Return FIHGCF and BSLAF versus Equity Funds Diversified Category. However in the recent past BSLAF has improved upon its performance and that also is reflected in the Rolling return chart.

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