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Can you please classify balanced funds with investments style

Balanced funds-how to know fund's investment% in large, mid, small caps? Is there any internal mandates in the schemes or it is variable as per market conditions? Can you please classify funds with investments style as above in 3 as per latest portfolio? This is important to select a balanced fund as per risk profile?

Jul 20, 2016 by Ramesh B, Vadodara  |   Mutual Fund

As you know balanced funds are hybrid equity oriented funds which invest 65-75% in equities and rest in debt and money market instruments. These funds are ideal for investors with moderate risk profile.

The fund manager may decide to have exposure in large cap or mid & small cap stocks based on his understanding of the fund mandate and market conditions. However, as an investor getting into the details of the investment styles in balanced funds would not be a good idea as this is best left to fund manager. At the most, you can have a look at the style box of the fund which is available on Valueresearch and Morningstar websites.

The other way to look at these is to check the Mutual Fund Riskometer available in the scheme KIM.

We at Advisorkhoj, do not provide any such analysis for balanced funds.

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