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Can you please help in selecting 5 or 6 funds for 5 or 6 years

One help further Of great importance. Investment in equity MF, 5 or 6 funds for five or six years, myself and wife. Both retired CMO. Even new fund selection also welcome. one or two debt fund Aldo welcome. It will be a great help. You may take time to take your decision?

Jul 6, 2016 by Birendra Singh,   |   Mutual Fund

Thanks for writing to us and happy to hear that you want to invest in mutual funds for next 5-6 years even though you and your spouse are retired. Following would be our suggestion –

1. Since both of you are retired, investing in diversified equity mutual funds could be one of the good investing options. We have recently done a researched article – Top 10 best diversified equity mutual funds to invest in 2016. This could be a good reference point for you to start and select funds for you.

2. As far as investing in Debt Funds are concerned, please note that there are short terms funds and long term debt funds. Again, we did reviews of both these – Top 5 short term debt funds for 2015 and Top 6 long term income funds to invest in 2015. Though the reviews were done in 2015, they still are relevant and suitable for investors to invest in 2016 as well. Again, you may select couple of funds using these as reference points.

3. NFOs – please do not invest in NFOs as you can choose schemes from existing good performing funds with long term track record. At any point in time you may have a look at our research section to know more about top performing mutual funds.

Another interest query that may be helpful for you is – What is the best debt fund to park 15 Lakhs for three years?

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