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Can you please let me know the best top 10 dividend paying mutual funds

My name is S.Muralidharan. Age 56. Retaitered. 31.5.2020. Best top 10, Dividend payout funds, All categories. Yearly dividend and please your suggestions. Monthly Rs. 92000 My salary. After retirement Monthly Rs. 100000 2014 to 2022. My SIPs Monthly Rs.70000 and already lumpsum investment Rs. 2000000, please reply?

Aug 8, 2016 by Muralidharan S,   |   Mutual Fund

From your query we could not understand your full requirement and part of it, we could guess only. Had you written in details we would have been in a better position to reply. Any ways, we are replying to whatever we could understand and guess -

1. Top dividend paying mutual funds – From this link you can find the funds with a long term track record and highest trailing dividend payouts in a particular category – HIGHEST DIVIDEND PAYING FUNDS

You may also like to check the MOST CONSISTENT DIVIDEND PAYING FUNDS IN A CATEGORY ACROSS ALL AMCs. The other tool to check the dividends is HISTORICAL DIVIDEND PAYOUT OF FUNDS which can be seen from here.

2. SIPs – Seems you have done SIPs of Rs. 70,000 for the period of 8 years – 2014 to 2022. Since we do not know which funds or fund categories you have invested in, we have calculated the SIP returns @ 12.50%. Based on this assumption, you can expect a corpus of Rs. 1.15 Crores from your SIPs of Rs. 70,000 if continued for 8 years.

3. Your other lumpsum investment is Rs. 20.00 Lakhs but you have not mentioned in which instrument it has been invested?

Please revert to us with more details so that we are in a better position to reply to your queries

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