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Choice of Mutual Fund SIP Schemes

I am 25 years old working as Software Engineer, I would like to invest in Mutual Funds for a span of 5 years as SIP. Details are follows: 1. ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Fund- 1500 Rupees, 2. Franklin India High Growth Option - 1500 Rupees, 3. ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund - 1500 Rupees, 4. Franklin India Smaller Companies - 1000 Rupees, 5. Birla Sun Life Long Term Advantage Fund - 1000 Rupees. Could you please suggest whether the above portfolio is good choice of investment for good returns or any changes are required. I will also be grateful if you recommend me any other good Mutual Funds?

Sep 15, 2015 by Sravan, Hyderabad  |   Mutual Fund

You have chosen very good funds. These funds are all highly rated and have given excellent returns over the last 3 years. Large cap and multi cap diversified equity funds comprise approximately 62% of your SIPs. Small and midcap funds comprise 38% of your SIPs. The one thing that you should note, is that, doing SIPs of small amounts in a large number of funds may not always ensure the best returns. Since you have chosen very good funds, you can continue your SIPs. However, if you want to invest more through SIPs at a later stage, instead of doing SIPs in more funds you can either increase the instalment amounts in these funds or opt for SIP top up.

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