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Funds for Retirement: In which Fund should I invest Rs. 5 Lacs of my retirement money

I'm Sachin. Planning to invest around 5L rupees in lump sum in a good performing MF. This would be my retirement money. Any suggestion on what fund I can choose for achieve a good corpus?

Jun 4, 2016 by Sachin,   |   Mutual Fund

We do not give scheme specific advice. You have also not mentioned your risk profile and therefore it is difficult to suggest you fund categories where you can invest your retirement money. However, since this is your retirement money and also presuming that you would not like to take risk on this amount, you should invest in Debt Funds or MIPs of Mutual Funds. Please go through the following link, wherein we have replied to a similar query.


Also, if you want you may also like to check your risk profile here

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