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Have I selected in good SIP funds

I am reading your articles from last couple of months and I am impressed by your suggestions. So here I want my financial solution. I had a corpus of 3 lac all in liquid form which I have received from my insurance maturity. I had started SIP of Rs. 1500 in HDFC balance fund direct growth plan and Rs. 2000 in DSP BR micro cap fund direct growth plan. I am also planning to invest lumpsum in this funds of around Rs. 15000 each, over a year on year, I am married and has child of 6 months and my age is 32. I am have no debt as of now. I have started this SIP for long run more then 15 years. I am also planing another SIP surplus of 1500-2000 every month?

Mar 13, 2017 by Ravi patel, ahmedabad  |   Mutual Fund

Thanks for the kind words about us.

You have selected good funds for your SIPs. HDFC Balanced fund and DSPBR Micro Cap funds are one of the top performing funds respectively from balanced and mid & small cap category.

However, before you start your long term SIPs do assess your risk profile and then chooses funds according to it. For example - if you are a high risk taker then invest in diversified and mid & small cap funds. If you are a moderate to moderately high risk taker then invest in balanced funds or large cap equity funds.

Since you have a child you must start investing for his or her higher education from now and mutual funds can be the best solution for achieving this long term goal.

Thanks for writing to us.

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