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How can I get the list of companies according to recent SEBI mutual fund category classification

1) My elder brother is interested to invest lump sum of 10 lakh rupees in mutual fund for long term. But confused in verities of funds, it will be helpful for him if you suggest any fund. Basically I am interested in searching a fund which is in large cap or mid cap and having MNC companies in his portfolio like Birla Tax Saver Fund 96? 2) SEBI have introduced a 100 companies lists for large cap category, 100 companies for mid and small cap categories, sir I want to see that list but I am unable to find it on SEBI website, can you suggest me the correct icon path on SEBI website or please send it's link? 3) Practically it is not possible for any mutual fund house to manage any amount without expense ratio. But on advisorkhoj website some funds are having zero expense ratio. It is very good to see the funds expense ratio and return separate on advisorkhoj website but in some funds expense ratio space there is " - " marks? 4) Is there any branch website of advisorkhoj which is related to share market?

Apr 30, 2018 by Shri Ram Nirdosh,   |   General

1. I think, your elder brother should invest in mutual funds according to his profile and investment horizon. Following could be some example –

In case your brother can take moderately high risk, he can invest in balanced funds or large cap equity mutual funds and in case of he can take high risk, he can invest in mid & small cap funds and diversified equity mutual funds. However, if he is not able to sustain these risk levels then maybe he can invest in hybrid debt funds (MIPs) or Equity Savings Funds. I am giving below the link of top 10 funds in each of these categories from where he can select funds suiting his risk profile –


2. Please note that liquid funds and ultra short term funds does not have any entry load, therefore, in many a places you will find the entry load/ exit column as blank. However, with regards to expense ratio, can you please point out where and in which scheme/s you find that blank? Yes, I agree that to manage funds, AMCs need to charge the investors by way of expense ratio.

3. To see the AMFI list of 100 funds you can check this link https://www.amfiindia.com/research-information... – you will get the list for the period of July – December 2017 for all listed stocks falling in large cap, mid cap and small cap category.

4. Advisorkhoj is based out of Bangalore and do not have any branch. Advisorkhoj is not in mutual fund distribution or stock trading or any kind of investment advisory related business.

Hope the above replies to all your queries.

Thanks for writing to us.

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