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How can I get the list of companies according to recent SEBI mutual fund category classification

1) My elder brother is interested to invest lump sum of 10 lakh rupees in mutual fund for long term. But confused in verities of funds, it will be helpful for him if you suggest any fund. Basically I am interested in searching a fund which is in large cap or mid cap and having MNC companies in his portfolio like Birla Tax Saver Fund 96? 2) SEBI have introduced a 100 companies lists for large cap category, 100 companies for mid and small cap categories, sir I want to see that list but I am unable to find it on SEBI website, can you suggest me the correct icon path on SEBI website or please send it's link? 3) Practically it is not possible for any mutual fund house to manage any amount without expense ratio. But on advisorkhoj website some funds are having zero expense ratio. It is very good to see the funds expense ratio and return separate on advisorkhoj website but in some funds expense ratio space there is " - " marks? 4) Is there any branch website of advisorkhoj which is related to share market?

Apr 30, 2018 by Shri Ram Nirdosh,   |   General
I think, your elder brother should invest in mutual funds according to his profile and investment horizon. Following could be some example - In case your brother can take moderately high risk, he can invest in... Read More
Can a Government employee become Mutual Fund Distributor

I am a State Government Employee. Please clear my doubt, Can I be a Mutual Funds Distributors/agent?

Aug 29, 2017 by Toma Pal,   |   General
Sorry to say, being a State Government Employee you can not become a Mutual Fund Distributor... Read More
Can I start mini banking from my office

I read your blogs. They are very much knowledgeable. Thanks for writing these blogs. I want to know that how can I start mini banking in my office, where I can give services like deposit, withdrawal, money transfer to other bank account, passbook printing etc. please guide me where should I apply?

Aug 9, 2017 by Pawan Kumar,   |   General
You cannot provide banking services from your office unless you are from a rural area where there are no bank branches. If you are residing in a rural area, you can contact nationalized banks who appoint... Read More
Should the bank refund me the bank charges

Thanks a lot for your emails containing the information on MF. I read the same with good interest and apply accordingly. I have a problem. I had applied for the the units of L&T Infrastructure Fund, but the check was not honoured by the Bank as there was a mistake in the date tag. But there was sufficient credit in the account. Can the Bank charge for the mistake? The same bank charged for their own mistake - a cheque on the bank issued to another account in an another bank was dis honoured and a penalty was deducted along with the GST charge. I had to raise some loan and credit the same in the second bank - as I had issued some cheques from the second Bank - just to see that the cheques are not dishonoured. Is the first Bank liable to pay me the charges to be levied by he second bank and also the interest charges for the loan and for their mistake and what are the charges in this respect. Please guide?

Aug 8, 2017 by Ramchandra Kulkarni,   |   General
Thanks for your email and glad that you read the information we share on mutual funds etc and found it useful. With regards to the first point, since the mistake was on your part, the bank rightly levied a bank... Read More
From where can I buy gold coins

In your article, "Is Investing in Gold a good option for the middle class", you have mentioned that coins are available in 0.5gm and 1gm weights. Kindly let me know the bank/ institution where I can obtain the same?

Jul 29, 2017 by Devinder Singh Dhaliwal,   |   General
All the nationalized and private banks sell gold coins. You can check with your bank if they are selling the same and buy gold coins from them. You can also buy gold coins online from websites like Snapdeal... Read More
Should I shift my money from GPF to NPS

Please advise should I shift from GPF to NPS. I have 11Lac in GPF and 14 years to retire. I am investing Rs 10000 in GPF currently. How do i Do that?

Jul 20, 2017 by Prasad Palsingankar, Pune  |   General
Some portion of your savings should always be in debt instruments and/or fixed earning investments. As your GPF money is giving you assured returns and maybe meant for meeting your needs post... Read More
What is the objective of your blog

I am new to this blog. I wish to know the objective of this blog?

Dec 6, 2016 by Nishith Kumar Jain, New Delhi  |   General
The objective of Advisorkhoj is to help the investment advisory eco system in India. There are three stake holders in the eco system - Investors, Advisors and Companies. We help investor by simplifying... Read More
What are the various paid plans

Please email costing of various paid plans?

Oct 1, 2016 by Jitesh Babel, Jaipur  |   General
Currently, we do not have any paid plans for registering advisors on our platform... Read More
Are there agents for Senior Citizen Savings Schemes

Are there agents for senior citizens savings scheme located in Mumbai, through whom we can subscribe or it can only be done direct by investor at the post office?

Sep 20, 2016 by K S Mahalingam, Mumbai  |   General
No commission is payable to agents on mobilisation of Senior Citizen Savings Schemes. You may visit your nearest post office and invest in this scheme... Read More
Can you please continue sending newsletters as your articles give me lot of benefits

I'm not able to receive your article through email. Which you sent me daily. These article give me lot of benefits. Please send me again latest articles?

Aug 29, 2016 by Parvinder Singh, Delhi  |   General
We have checked and found your email ID in our mailing list. Please check your INBOX every day morning as we send newsletters on a daily basis. In case you do get find our newsletter in the INBOX then do... Read More
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