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How can I see the correct return of Birla Sun Life Wealth

I went into Mutual fund lump sum return calculator and entered the following details: fund 1 - Birla Sun Life MIP Wealth 25 Plan - Monthly Growth - Payment Enter amount - 100,000 start date - 02-05-2013 End date-02-05-2017 and submitted. Results that got displayed are incorrect (CAGR was showing as 10.0. in the "profit" column the value is blank. Fixed deposit, Gold Silver Values were also incorrectly displayed. Kindly request look into them? Wish there is an option for the user to attach a doc while posting a query. It would have been helpful for everyone to see what I was seeing?

May 5, 2017 by Vikram, Hyderbad  |   Mutual Fund

We must say, this is an excellent feedback, thank you!

The problem we found that there are two schemes with almost the same name and options. you had chosen Birla Sun life MIP wealth 25 Plan - Monthly growth - Payment for which the updated NAV is not available as the scheme has been been replaced with Birla Sun Life MIP II - Wealth 25 Plan - Growth - Payment - Regular Plan. And that is why the results you got were inaccurate. But unfortunately AMFI is still maintain the old scheme name in its database and thus it is in our database too. We have taken necessary steps and from tomorrow this scheme will not appear in our research page.

We have got the correct results for you which you can check here https://www.advisorkhoj.com/mutual-funds...

Hope you find this useful and correct. Do write back in case you still find any issues with this.

Thanking you again.

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