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How is the performance of SBI Smart Wealth Builder policy

I am investing in SBI Smart wealth builder policy since 2014. I want to know the performance of this policy in market and currently my investment is directed into Bonds. Which fund option will be best seeing current market scenario - Bond Fund, Top 300 Fund, Discontinued Policy Fund, Money Market Fund, Balanced Fund, Equity Fund, Growth Fund And Equity Optimizer Fund?

Dec 21, 2016 by Ankita, Noida  |   Mutual Fund

Please note that SBI Smart Wealth Builder policy - the Bond Fund option - has given CAGR return of 11.9793% for the period January 1, 2014 to till date. You may check this here https://nav.sbilife.co.in/UI/ReturnCalculator.aspx

But in your case, you should calculate actual returns based on the exact investment date and the number of units allotted initially versus the number of units your are holding currently.

We hope you are aware that in case of an unit linked insurance policy the insurer redeems units to recover the policy management and other charges. At the end of the year, the insurer sends the policy holders a unit statement wherein you can see the number of units redeemed to recover these charges.

Choosing a fund option depends on your risk taking appetite, age and investment horizon. If you want to remain invested in this product for the long term and willing to take higher risk then switching to equity or equity oriented funds will make sense. Therefore, you should first ascertain your risk profile and then take a decision in this regard.

Switching from one fund to another is free, once every year, in case of this policy.

Hope the above helps you. Thanks for writing to us.

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