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How to calculate CAGR of mutual funds

If Rs. 1,000,000 invested in Mutual Fund & CAGR is 9.75% for 1170 days, how do I calculate maturity value. Please let me know according to the basis of formula but not on excel basis. I feel comfortable to make calculation with my mobile?

Sep 16, 2016 by Asis Maiti,   |   Mutual Fund

The formula of maturity value = Investment Amount X (1+CAGR%)^Term in years = 1000000 X (1+9.75%)^(1170/365) = 1347460

Whether you are able to perform this calculation on your mobile phone, will depend upon your mobile calculator app. If you have a scientific calculator app, you can do this calculation on your smart phone. I have done the calculation above using my Android phone app. If for any reason, you don’t have a scientific calculator app on your phone, you can easily download from Google play, if you are using an Android phone.

Hope the above helps! Thanks!!

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