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How to calculate SIP returns of various schemes and check fund returns

I read your mail and I thank to you. Now I want some thing, how I get calculate SIP in various age and various scheme; and also how I know what MF good return long or short term. kindly suggest me?

Jun 13, 2016 by Arindam Banerjee,   |   Mutual Fund

Thanks for your queries. Please have the replies as follows –

1. SIP returns for various period – you can try this calculator https://www.advisorkhoj.com/tools-and-calculators/systematic-investment-plan-calculator to know the future value of SIP investments for different period with assumption of different rate of returns.

2. SIP returns of various scheme – Our Top performing SIP Plans tool can help you in identifying top SIP funds of different categories based on historical returns. Check Top Performing SIP Funds

3. Long and short term fund returns – Rolling returns are the best measure for selecting good funds. Please check consistently performing funds from our Rolling Return Calculator. You may also like to check the historical returns of Top performing Funds of any category from this research tool.

Hope the above answers all your queries. In case of any doubt do write to us.

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