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How to get Monthly Returns from Lumpsum Investments in Mutual Funds

I want to invest lumsum amount in Mutual Funds Rs. 500000 from next monthly returns in small amounts Rs. 8000 per month it can be possible?

Aug 3, 2015 by P Mohan Rao, Hyderabad  |   Mutual Fund

Your query is not very clear. We are assuming that you want to clarify, if a monthly income of Rs 8,000 from a lump sum investment of Rs 500,000 is possible. A monthly income of Rs 8,000 from an investment of Rs 500,000 implies a dividend yield of 19%. We think, such a high dividend yield is not possible. Some balanced funds are paying regular monthly dividends for the past few years, e.g. ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Fund, L&T Prudence Fund etc. You can expect a dividend yield of 7 - 8% per annum over the next couple of years based on historical pay-out track record.

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