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How to get complete details of debt funds including fund performance AUM ratings of papers

If possible please guide me on debt fund for following mention issue. 1) Liquid and debt funds with handsome return are having asset size of couple of hundred crores compared to others in range of thousand crores. 2) Their credit rating and maturity duration is also satisfactory. But these good funds don't hold treasury bills, SOV Bonds, PSU companies and PSU banks commercial papers. Mostly in the range of 65% they hold commercial papers. Expense ratio is also high in the range of 1 compared to 0.3 to 0.4. So in such scenario shall we go for high returns. Is it safe to go for high returns or shall go for moderate return with good exposure in TB and SOV BONDS?

Aug 23, 2016 by Pravin Chandwadkar, Korba  |   Mutual Fund

1. To know more about debt funds you should read this https://www.advisorkhoj.co... and also this https://www.advisorkhoj.com/articles...

2. It is very difficult for us to segregate debt funds on the basis of AUM, portfolio holding and rating of the securities held in the portfolio.

However the link below will show you the top performing funds in their respective categories along with launch date, expense ratio and AUM. Once you have selected the scheme name, you may click on the scheme name (it is hyperlinked in the result), you will land on the scheme details page wherein you can see the entire portfolio, ratings, type of instruments, sectors, NAV movement, key performance statistics and other details. I am sure this will definitely help you and answer your query.

Top performing income funds

Scheme details page

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