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How to invest in a mutual fund

How invest in mutual fund?

Apr 17, 2017 by Uday Singh,   |   Mutual Fund

These are following ways to invest in mutual funds.

1. You can contact to a mutual fund advisor in your city who not only will advise you on fund selection but also help in transaction and post investment services. You can find an advisor in your city by visiting our website www.advisorkhoj.com – On the Home page you will find “Find a mutual fund advisor or investment expert near you”, enter your area PIN Code and see the list of mutual fund advisors in your area. You can also get the names by typing your city name and/or area in the search box.

You can write to the advisor or call him as we have provided all the details in the search result.

2. However, if you know how to select good funds/ or have already selected funds to invest in, you can visit the respective mutual fund websites and do the transactions.

3. You can also call the respective fund houses (AMC) / or visit the AMC branch in your city (if they have one in your city) and take their help in investments.

Thanks for writing to us.

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