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I and my wife will increase the existing SIPs by 10 percentage per year to buy our house

Sir, I am 46 yrs old in Govt. service, me and my wife are having SIP in following these funds for last 2 Years. I will increase SIP by 10% every year in any of these fund which will perform well. We will not increase number of funds these are maximum, these mutual fund SIP are only for creating corpus for my house nothing else. At present cost of the house I wish to buy is Rs 80 lakhs. At present value of our portfolio is Rs 30 lakhs, I will continue SIP till I need minimum loan (less than 20 lakhs), I am in 30% tax bracket. 1. HDFC Top 200 - 10000, 2. Quantum Long Term Equity Fund - 10000, 3. UTI Opp Fund - 5000, 4. ICICI Focused Blue Chip Fund - 5000, 5. ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund - 8000, 6. Mirae Asset Opportunity Fund - 6000, 7. Franklin India Prima Plus Fund - 8000, 8. Franklin India Blue Chip Fund - 5000pm, 9. IDFC Premier Equity Mutual Fund Rs. 5000 per month?

Dec 12, 2015 by Sundeep Nigam, Haridwar  |   Mutual Fund

All the funds selected by you have a good long term track record. If you have been monitoring your fund’s performance on a regular basis, you would have observed that, HDFC Top 200 Fund has been underperforming relative to its top performing peers. However, given the pedigree to the fund, its fund manager and the fund house, it is likely to experience an improvement in performance once we have a confirmation of capex and consumption growth in our economy. Since you have been investing in these funds for the last 2 years, you would have earned some good returns on your total portfolio already. You should continue to remain in these funds. Assuming these are monthly SIPs, since you are investing around Rs 60,000 a month, over the next 2 years, assuming a compounded annual return of at least 15%, you should be able to accumulate a corpus of around Rs 20 lacs from your SIPs, enough for your down payment for your house. This is over and above the returns that you have already earned till date. In fact, if you have been regularly investing through SIPs over the last one year, you can earn even higher returns, provided that the market is favourable over the next 2 years or so. In the last 9 to 12 months, you would have benefited by averaging out the rupee cost of purchase of units in these funds, by buying more units at a lower cost. The market volatility may persist for little more time, but that should not prevent you from remaining disciplined with your investing. In fact, investments made in volatile market conditions give the highest returns in the long term. The India Growth Story is intact, and as per most investment experts, once this phase of volatility is over, we will resume our journey in a long term secular bull market. Having said that, since you have investing for the last two years, you should review your portfolio performance next year in consultation with your financial advisor and make appropriate adjustments as necessary, in order to help you meet your financial goals. Hopefully, you will achieve your investment goals, sooner than later.

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