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  4. I joined as sub broker NJ INDIA but here my commission is not comparable with LIC agency

I joined as sub broker NJ INDIA but here my commission is not comparable with LIC agency

I recently join as sub broker with NJ India but here I not seen commission income with compare with LIC agency where I get 15 lakh annual income and I have customer base of 3000 nearby. My questions is my sub broker decision is write your wrong, and what I have to do for better performance in mutual fund. Here I also cleared that my customers base is rural area?

Jul 25, 2016 by Paresh Navik, Amalsad  |   Mutual Fund

You have joined one of the best organisations to pursue mutual fund distributorship. Please note that the earnings from mutual funds and LIC commission can not be compared as these are different products as you know already.

In LIC the first year commission will be high or very high (depending upon the product) and subsequently you will get a renewal commission which varies from 1% to 5%. But the commission is fixed on the premium. In mutual funds you get an upfront as well as trail commission. Trail commission is payable till such time investors money is invested with the fund house. But the beauty of trail commission is that it is paid on the fund value. For example – if the fund value increases from the initial investment then the trail commission would be paid on the enhanced value. That is why typically, in mutual funds, the longer the investor remains invested higher is the commission payable to advisors.

The other idea for increasing your earnings from mutual funds is that, you should propagate and educate your 3,000 strong investor base as mutual funds can be the best way for their wealth creation and meeting their long term financial goals and inculcate the habit of disciplined investing through SIPs of small amount. If you can do this your AUM will increase month on month basis and so will your earnings.

Being from a rural area, you are in an advantageous position as fund housed pay 1.5 – 2.00% over and above the normal commission on businesses sourced from other than top 15 cities.

Your decision to become a mutual advisor is a very good one as you can now help your clients with wealth creation while insuring their lives. The long term rewards are very high for a mutual fund advisor. Wishing you a great mutual fund advisory business ahead!

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