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I need two more personal advice

Thanks for the all the time spared for giving such apt advice and guidance. In this regard, I have final three queries which I feel you will guide me: 1. Should I sell off one of the house and keep the amount in investment like debt fund or depend upon the rental income. Which is better? 2. What will inflation adjusted amount requirement of Rs. 69000 after 15 years from today?

May 22, 2017 by Srinath Kamath,   |   Mutual Fund

With regards to your two queries, we have the following to answer -

1. The decision of selling the house will depend on many things. For example - at what price you acquired the house, what is the current market rate and when did you buy the same. When you sell the house you need to keep all these things in mind, particularly the taxation part. Moreover, selling the house also requires suggestion from your family members and what they think about it? They may not be thinking on the lines as you are thinking or we might suggest as they could have some emotional attachment with the house and so on. Therefore, you should try taking a decision which will make all the stake holders happy knowing fully well that the same may not make much financial sense.

2. The future value of Rs 69,000 after 15 years, will be Rs 143,000 taking into account 5% inflation rate.

Thanks for writing to Advisorkhoj

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