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I started investing in mutual funds because of your valuable posts

I have been reading your posts regularly in Advisorkhoj. I started to invest in mutual funds because of your valuable posts. Thank you so much sir. Its going to be an year since I started investing in mutual funds. Could you please review my funds following, that would be very very helpful for me. I'm planning to buy a home, so my term of investment is 3 years. Tata Balanced Fund - Growth - 2000, Axis Long Term Equity Fund - Growth - 1000, SBI Blue Chip Fund - Regular Plan - Growth - 1000, Birla Sun Life Dynamic Bond Fund - Retail Plan - Growth - 1000, Franklin India Ultra Short Bond Fund - Super Institutional - Growth - 1000, Please let me know if I need to change any of the funds?

Aug 30, 2016 by Suresh Kanna,   |   Mutual Fund

It seems we missed out replying to your query earlier which is apologised.

Glad that you like our posts and have started investing mutual funds. Needless to mention, Mutual Funds are the best way of creating long term wealth while beating the returns of other asset classes.

The funds selected by you are top performing from their respective categories.

However, as your investment horizon is 3 years and you want to buy a house after that, investing through SIP in an ELSS fund will not help you in that. Each ELSS SIP instalment will be locked in for 36 months and therefore, you will not be able to liquidate all the units after 36 month. Only the free units (meaning units which has completed 36 months of investments) can be redeemed.

Please do keep the above in mind and have an alternate plan accordingly.

You do not need to change any fund and your selection is absolutely fine as mentioned above.

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