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I would like to invest Rs 25000 per month in SIPs

Dear Sir, I am 32 years old. I would like to invest 25,000 per month in SIP. Please advise some good mutual funds for long term (minimum 5 years)?

Dec 8, 2015 by Gajendran, Singapore  |   Mutual Fund

You have the right decision to invest in mutual funds through SIPs. Since you plan to invest Rs 25,000 per month through SIPs, you should select maximum 3 to 4 good equity funds for your portfolio. Given the current volatility in equity markets, you will benefit by investing through SIP, since you will be able to average your purchase and buy units at a lower cost. You can select a combination of large cap, midcap and diversified funds. This will help you get good returns in different market scenarios. Since you have long investment horizon, it is important that you select consistent performers for your mutual fund portfolio.

We have discussed the most consistent performers different equity fund categories, in the following articles.

Best mutual fund consistent performers in 2015: Large Cap Funds

Best Small and Midcap Mutual Funds: Consistent performers for investment in 2015

Best Diversified Equity Mutual Funds: Consistent Performers for investment in 2015

You should discuss with your financial advisor and select one or two funds from each category for your investment portfolio.

If top equity funds give on an average expected return 15 – 20% over the next 10 years, you can accumulate a corpus of Rs 70 – 90 lacs, with your Rs 25000 SIP. However, you should monitor the performance of your investment on an ongoing basis, and make appropriate adjustments as necessary.

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