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Is it at par to compare debt fund returns with Reliance increasing income insurance plan

I have come across Reliance increasing income insurance plan. Is it at par as compare to income funds or debt mutual funds? Since returns are assured after 6th year it looks attractive for me at first?

Apr 5, 2016 by Sspadmin, Pune  |   Mutual Fund

Please do not confuse yourself by comparing the returns of Life Insurance with that of Mutual Funds. The key benefits and terms of the Reliance increasing income insurance plan can be found in this link http://www.reliancelife.com/life-insurance-plans/saving-investment-plans/reliance-increasing-income-insurance-plan. Please note that the assured withdrawals are allowed at the end of the premium paying term. The minimum term that you can choose is 12 years. Therefore, the assured monthly income will start from the 13th year and not 6th year as mentioned by you.

The returns from the debt mutual funds will be much superior than that of returns from Insurance plans. However, both are different products therefore it should not be compared on an apple to apple basis. We at Advisorkhoj or any good Financial Planner will always suggest you to take a term life Insurance plan for your life risk coverage and choose a mutual fund debt or equity scheme for wealth creation in the long term. Therefore, you should invest in both the products based on your current requirement.

Please go through the following link to know to know more about Top Debt Funds and their returns.



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