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Please let me know if my fund selection is right for next 10 to 15 years

I have been reading your post daily. I started to invest in mutual fund last year. I want your opinion following these fund. 1. SBI Blue Chip Fund - 5000, 2. UTI MNC Fund - 5000, 3. Birla MNC Fund - 5000. Please guide to me that my fund selection in right for next 10-15 years?

Sep 14, 2016 by Vikas, Lucknow  |   Mutual Fund

Glad to hear that you read our posts daily and also that you have started investing in mutual funds.

You have invested in 3 funds out of which SBI Bluechip is good for the long term. However, the other two funds, Birla MNC Fund and UTI MNC Fund are thematic funds and may not be good for long term investing. The objective of these two funds is to invest predominantly in the equity shares of multinational companies in diverse sectors.

Therefore, in lieu of these two MNC Funds, you should think of investing in UTI Midcap Fund and Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund. UTI Midcap Fund is a top performing midcap fund and suited fro long term investing whereas Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund is a top performing large cap fund and a well known wealth creator.

We feel, both these funds along with SBI Bluechip Fund is well poised to take care of your long term wealth creation objectives.

However, please note that even though you have selected good funds, you must review your mutual fund portfolio at least once every one or two years. Why? Please read through the following article –


Hope the above helps! Thanks

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