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  4. Please suggest options other than FD Life insurance Tax saving plans as I am looking for returns

Please suggest options other than FD Life insurance Tax saving plans as I am looking for returns

I want to invest a lump sum premium in market based plan. But the market is high, so I will get reduced units and less returns as against if I would have invested when the market was low. Please suggest options other than FD/Life insurance/Tax saving plans. I am looking for returns. Also, please correct me if my understanding is wrong and I should still go ahead with equity based single premium plans. Could you suggest any such plans?

Jul 22, 2016 by Aarti Kulkarni, Delhi  |   Mutual Fund

It seems you are talking about unit linked insurance plans. The equity linked insurance plans, either single premium or regular, will not suit you as you are looking for returns only.

Therefore, if you are looking for good returns over medium to long term from equity investing, then you can invest in mutual funds in lumpsum or through SIP route. You may check the returns of top performing lumpsum mutual funds or SIP returns of mutual funds

Mutual fund is the best way to create long term wealth. The other benefit is that the returns (long term capital gain) from equity or equity oriented mutual funds are tax free. The dividends received from these funds are also tax free.

However, if you are also looking for protecting your life along with wealth creation then buying a term insurance plan for life coverage + investing in mutual funds for wealth creation is the best way. In this context, you may like to read this article https://www.advisorkhoj.com/articles/Mutual-Funds/Mutual-Fund-SIP-with-Online-Term-Plan-can-be-a-good-investment-strategy-for-layman-investors

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