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Should I continue my SIPs

I invest in following MF through SIP - 8400 Reliance Growth P/M, 3000 BSL FRONTL, 1100 BSL MNC, 1500 BSL Equity, 3000 BSL BAL, 500 UTI MASTER, 500 UTI MNC, 500 Franklin Balance Fund. Should I Continue this SIP all those SIP are direct growth plan. Please give your expert comments on these fund?

Jan 20, 2016 by Narendra Pandya,   |   Mutual Fund

You have very good funds in your selection. Reliance Growth Fund has one of the best 20 year track record among all diversified equity funds. Though the fund was underperforming for some time, the performance has picked up again over the last few years. Given its pedigree as the flagship Reliance fund for a long time, it can certainly be considered as a good investment option over a long investment horizon. Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund is one of the best large cap funds over the past few years. Birla Sun Life Equity Fund, another large cap fund, has an excellent long term track record. Birla Sun Life MNC and UTI MNC funds are thematic in nature. Both these funds are top of the class and have given well over 20% compounded annual returns over the last three years. UTI Mastershare is one of the oldest mutual fund schemes in India, that is still open for subscription. This large cap fund has an unique track record of paying dividends every year over the past 25 years. The balanced funds in your portfolio, Birla Sun Life 95 and Franklin India Balanced Funds are among the best performing balanced funds over the past 15 to 20 years. While at the first look, it may seem that you do not have exposure to small and midcap funds, Reliance Growth Fund has substantial exposure to small and midcap companies. Since you have a fairly large SIP in Reliance Growth Fund, you have a decent exposure to small and midcap segment in your portfolio.

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