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Should I continue with Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund

I am investing Rs. 1100 in Reliance equity opportunities fund - growth since last 2 years. But I have not seen any growth in my investment. Please advise if I should continue with it or stop investing in this fund?

Dec 23, 2016 by Pradeep Patil, Ahmedabad  |   Mutual Fund

The long term performance of this fund is very good, if you consider the performance of this fund over 5,10 years and since inception. It has comfortably beaten the benchmark and category returns over these periods.

However, in the last couple of years the fund performance was not on expected lines and it failed to match the performance of the peer group funds. The category of the fund is multi-cap / diversified and based on that the fund invests across sector and market caps of those industries which will benefit from the Government's ongoing economic reforms, FDI reforms and infrastructural developments etc. It seems, that the theme might take some more time to play out and thus there is a temporary lag in the performance.

Therefore, as an investor your investment horizon should be little higher in case you want to reap the true benefit from the fund. However, in case you do not want to wait much longer or pay a little safer, you might switch to Reliance Top 200 Fund. Reliance Top 200 Fund is a top performing large cap fund and may be a suitable choice for you.

Thanks for writing to Advisorkhoj : )

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