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Should I invest in lump sum or SIP as I am new to mutual funds

I am totally a newcomer to this field. Should I invest in monthly or lump sum plan, Please inform?

Apr 10, 2017 by Shashi Kumar Shama, Ajmer  |   Mutual Fund

Glad to note that you want to invest in mutual funds.

Investing in lump sum or through SIPs depend upon availability of funds and the investment objective and it has nothing to do with new or old comers as far as investing in mutual funds is concerned.

Therefore, if you have some surplus investible amount in hand, do invest in lump sum and also if you have some surplus cash flow every month then start a monthly SIP as well.

Since you are new, we suggest that you take help of a mutual fund advisor in your city who will explain the different category of funds and the one suited to your risk profile, he will also help doing your mutual fund KYC and the entire investment process.

Thanks for writing to Advisorkhoj.

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