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Should I rebalance my mutual fund portfolio

I am investing almost 2 years in MF. All my below funds doing well. I want to re-balance my port folio as suggested by all advisor not keeping more than 5-6 fund in the portfolio and one fund in Large, Multi & Balanced Fund category so that port folio should not be over diversified. Please suggest which fund I will keep for those categories. My investment horizon is more than 15 years. Thanks in advance for your suggestion. ELSS - Axis Long Term Equity - G 5000, Large - Birla SL Top 100 - G 5000, SBI Bluechip - G 5000, Small & Mid - DSPBR Micro Cap Direct - G 5000, Franklin India Smaller Companies Direct - G 5000, Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Reg - G 5000, Multi - ICICI Pru Value Discovery Direct - G 8000, Kotak Select Focus Direct - G 7000, Balanced - ICICI Prudential Balanced Direct - G 2500, L&T India Prudence - G 5000?

Apr 10, 2017 by Dhiraj, Kolkata  |   Mutual Fund

You have invested in top performing funds from their respective category and the portfolio is suitable for investors with high risk profile.

You have selected funds from large cap, ELSS, diversified, balanced and mid & small cap category and thus made the portfolio diversified. This can get you very good results as your investment horizon is 15 years.

Though it is a good idea to keep the total number of funds in the portfolio as low as possible, but since you have already started investing in them, our suggestion would be to continue with the same.

The other suggestions are - Invest to the maximum possible extent in ELSS, depending upon how much you need to invest for saving taxes. Also, in future, if you want to increase your investments do not add any new funds and instead add in the schemes in the current portfolio.

While constructing a good portfolio is the most important aspect for long term investment success, reviewing the mutual fund portfolio annually is equally important. This is to ensure that the schemes chosen by you continue to deliver decent performance and aligned with your long term investment goals.

Thanks for writing to us.

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