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Should I rebalance my mutual fund portfolio as the market is high

I have almost 11 different mutual funds, I think this is the right time for me to consolidate them into few funds in each type (Small / Mid / Large / Balance) when the market is at its peak. Sometimes when the market is at peak, bad funds also shows results so can book the profit into a liquid fund. What do you suggest? Is this the right time to rebalance the portfolio?

May 3, 2017 by Jay, India  |   Mutual Fund

As we do not know what are the schemes you are holding, we would not like to comment on this. We think, mutual fund investments should be done based on your risk appetite and investment objective. If you have done your investments by keeping this two things in mind then there is nothing to worry provided you have selected the right funds.

However, in case you want to rebalance between the different asset classes then you should share the details with us in order to help you effectively.

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