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Want to invest lumpsum in MIP and do STP to Equity Fund for 20 years

I want invest 200000 in lumpsum in MIP, then transfer 600 Rs. monthly by STP in another mutual fund SIP for 20 years. Is it advisable? Please guide me?

Dec 17, 2015 by Kaushik Trivedi,   |   Mutual Fund

Your idea of doing STP for 20 years is a great one. However, you should avoid investing lumpsum in MIP for the sole purpose of doing STP. Since MIPs invest 20-30% in equities they could be volatile and might also have negative returns when equity markets are not doing that great. For doing STP, you should always go for Liquid funds for lumpsum investments and the transfer to a Diversified Equity Fund or Balanced Fund depending upon your risk taking ability.

You may like to check this STP CALCULATOR https://www.advisorkhoj.com/mutual-funds-research/mutual-fund-stp-investment-calculator

You may also like to check how a STP works. I have selected a Liquid Fund for lumpsum investment and an equity fund where Rs. 600 has been transferred on 1st of every month for last 10 years https://goo.gl/BE83eE

Please let me know which city you are writing from then we can also help you in investing through a Financial Advisor. Thanks again.

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