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What are the charges levied on mutual fund SIPs

I want to invest in SIP, what are the entire list of charges levied by the company on the investor? Please let me know?

Apr 6, 2017 by Naveen Kotapati, Hyderabad  |   Mutual Fund

There are no separate charges levied on SIPs. There are no entry loads either on SIPs.

Mutual Funds apply only a expense ratio on account of fund management charges and the NAVs are decaled after adjusting these expenses. As per SEBI guideline, Mutual Fund equity schemes are allowed to charge a maximum of 2.5 per cent for the first Rs 100 crore (weekly average net assets), 2.25 per cent for the next Rs 300 crore, 2 per cent for the subsequent Rs 300 crore and 1.75 per cent for the remaining assets. For debt-based schemes, it is 0.25 per cent lower across slabs.

The above are the only charges that the mutual funds levy on your investment either through SIP route or lump sum.

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