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What is the good time to invest in debt funds

What is the right time to park the money in to debt & liquid funds? Whether the market level of both SENSEX & NIFTY need to be considered before investment decision? Also, suggest whether investment of full money at one go is good or one should transfer the funds in several instalments for these (debt & liquid) categories of funds?

Sep 13, 2016 by Basudev, Barbil  |   Mutual Fund

Any time is a good time to invest in debt/ liquid funds. As the name itself suggests, these funds do not hold any equity in it and therefore, no need to check market levels / volatility etc.

Please also note that liquid funds are alternative to your savings bank account and various type of debt funds are substitute for your short term / long term investments and Fixed deposits.

Since these funds are not linked to the stock market and therefore, no rupee cost averaging required. You may invest in lump sum or in staggered manner as and when funds are available.

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Hope the above helps you in investing in debt / liquid funds. Thanks!

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