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Which Mutual Fund SIP should I start for my children

I just came across your website, were I am planning to start investment of monthly small SIP starting with 1,000 Rs each for my two children. Son is of 9 years old and Daughter is of about 8 years old. And for my case, which would be the best performing mutual fund to earn good returns after 10 years. What approx returns can we expect? And I should do separate two SIP or one SIP of 2000 Rs monthly? And can we increase in multiples of 500 Rs in future? Please suggest?

Jun 6, 2017 by Rajani, Hyderabad  |   Mutual Fund

Great to hear that you want to start SIPs for your two young children. You can invest in large cap or diversified equity funds as I am sure your investment horizon is 5 years and above.

You can start investing Rs 1,000 each in 2 funds. You may select SBI Bluechip Fund from large cap category and Birla Sun Life Equity Fund from diversified equity fund category.

You can do two separate SIPs of Rs 1,000 each or one SIP of Rs 2,000. Yes, you can increase your SIPs anytime you want with minimum Rs 500 additional amount.

Please consult a mutual fund distributor who might help you in setting up the SIPs with respective AMCs.

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