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Which are the best diversified equity funds

Which are two best diversified mutual fund for 10 years horizon.Different experts and different sites have their different rating and views.A common man like me gets confused after reading these reviews. Crisil ranking, value research star rating keeps on changing.so for a common man who doesn't understand much about the fund,fund manager, alfa, beta it is a bit difficult task.If a common man ask that he wants to save money ,and his goal is long term,which two or three diversified fund he should start SIP to be reviewed annually?

Mar 5, 2017 by Ashish Agrawal, Jaipur  |   Mutual Fund

Yes, you are right! the more you read and hear the opinion of media, financial advisors, experts, online portals and TV channels, the more you get confused.

Mutual funds are passive investments and best suited if your investing for the long term. And for long term investments, diversified equity funds are ideal as they invest across various sectors, market caps and categories.

Given long term sustainable track record, we can suggest you to invest in any or all of these funds - Franklin India high Growth Companies Fund, ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund, Birla Sun Life Equity Fund and Kotak Select Focus Fund.

Hope this helps you ! Thanks for writing to Advisorkhoj !!

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