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Which mutual fund scheme will give double return in one year

Within one year which scheme will give double the amount which I put in the Mutual Fund. Which mutual Fund is Mostly Good. One Kindly give the Name of the mutual Fund and Minimum how much amount to be deposited also to be mentioned in your message?

Oct 1, 2016 by Madappallath Sivasankaran,   |   Mutual Fund

No mutual fund scheme can assure or claim to give you 100% return in one year. Your expectation is quite unrealistic and you should not invest in mutual funds with this kind of expectation.

Please also note that investing in mutual funds should be done based on your risk taking ability. To anticipate higher return, you will also have to take higher risk. Please also note that, if you are investing in equity mutual funds then the investment horizon should be 5-7 years at least. With such investment horizon, it can be said that equity mutual funds can beat the returns of traditional saving schemes and also provide tax efficient returns with a good margin.


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