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With current investments can I retire at age 45

With great hope my questions are below. 1) My age is 28, started SIP from this year March in below scheme - SBI Blue Chip - 3000, HDFC Balanced Fund - 2000, Birla Sun Life Tax Relief 96 Plan - 2000. Q. 1) How you see my portfolio is? Q. 2) Other recommend fund to do 4,000 SIP more? My aim is to take retirement at 45 then put whole corpus in SWP Scheme and earn money?

Jun 6, 2017 by Sleep Singh Bisht, Ahmedabad  |   Retirement Planning

The 3 mutual fund schemes that you have selected are all good performing in their respective categories. Your current SIP is Rs 7,000 per month and assuming you will continue this till 45 years of your age (as you want to retire at that age), you can accumulate a corpus of around Rs 50 Lakhs (assumed rate of return @12.5%)

For starting new SIPs worth Rs 4,000, you need not choose new funds, you can add more in the existing funds as the selection is good. With additional monthly SIP of Rs 4,000, you can increase the final corpus by additional Rs 28 Lakhs (assumption are - 17 years of investment and return @ 12.5%)

Your idea of accumulating a big corpus through SIPs and retire early at age 45 is excellent! But you must figure out what would be your monthly inflation adjusted expenses at age 45 and different life goals that you have to face and meet uptil age 45 and beyond. You must know these goals and the goal amounts required and how to make provision for each of these future needs and achieve them as and when you face them.

Thanks for writing to Advisorkhoj!

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