Am I investing in best performing mutual funds or not

I am a regular visitor of your answers for the queries posted by individuals like me and learnt a lot from them. Thanks a lot for making me aware for the value of investing. Just now I had a talk with you over telephone from Kolkata. Kindly enlighten me about the following - 1. I have an SIP of Rs 12000.00 pm in Franklin India equity fund growth from Nov 15th 2015 and would like to continue till 2022. Goal Son's Marriage (Q) Should I continue with fund? Will it be good? Or shall I switch to any other good fund of same AMC? 2. I have an SIP of Rs 10000.00 pm in SBI Blue Chip Fund Growth from March 2017 and would like to continue till 2024 - Goal for daughter's Marriage (Q) Should I continue with this or switch? Will it be good? 3. My son has also invested in Aditya Birla Sun Life Equity Fund - Growth as SIP of 20000.00 PM from Feb 2017. Goal not known. I forced him to open since I know the value of compounding. (Q) Should he continue with it? 4. I have an SIP of Rs 2000.00 pm in Franklin India Prima Fund Growth (don't know whether name has been changed recently or not) from April 2009 and would like to continue till 2024. (Q) Again same question Should I continue with this or switch? Will it be good? I want to get an expert opinion from you. Kindly help me?

Jun 16, 2018 by Asit,   |   Mutual Fund

Thanks for being a regular visitor to our website and also for the kind words. I am glad that you are now more aware about the value of investing in mutual funds.

Here you go with my suggestions –

1. Franklin India Equity Fund could not perform well in the last 1 and 3 year period. The fund failed in beating category and benchmark return in the last 1 and 3 year period. Therefore, it needs review. You can check a list of top performing multi-cap funds here Multi-Cap Funds are good for meeting your long term goals.

2. SBI Blue Chip Fund is one of the top performing funds in the large cap category. Assuming 12% annual returns, you can expect Rs 13.20 Lakhs after 7 years from the date of investment

3. Your son has invested in a top performing multi-cap fund and you should preach the ‘power of compounding’ (which you are already aware of) to him too so that he continues investing in it in the long run.

4. Franklin India Prima Fund has a long term track record of out-performance and thus you can continue to remain invested with it. With Rs 2,000 monthly SIP, you can expect over Rs 10 Lakhs after 15 years assuming 12% annual returns.

I have used this tool to calculate future value of your SIPs

Hope the above is useful. Wishing you the best !

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