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Am I investing in the top performing mutual fund SIPs

This is to inform you I have already invested in below 4 MF, this is right choice or not 15 years horizon. 1. Kotak Select Focus - 1000 SIP, 2. HDFC Balance Fund - 1000 SIP, 3. Most Focused 35 Fund - 1000 SIP, 4. L&t Emerging Business - 1000 SIP. Please suggest me sir and I have 4 lacs other which fund lump sum invest for one year?

May 30, 2018 by Gautam Patel, Mehsana  |   Mutual Fund

The 4 schemes that you have chosen from Multi-cap, Equity Hybrid and Midcap category are among the top performers in their respective categories. Therefore, these can held for long term for meeting your financial goals.

However, selecting the right scheme is not the start or end of mutual fund investing, therefore, you must review the respective scheme performances once every year to ensure that the same is aligned with your long term investment needs.

With regards to your investment needs of one year, you can invest in ultra-short term funds. You can select a good fund from this category from here - https://www.advisorkhoj.com/mutual-funds-research...

Hope the above helps! Thanking you.

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